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We know your business is your lifeline. We know you love to make your clients happy.

And just to assure you, we’re here with you every step of the way.

Here at Clear Moment Pressure Washing, we offer many cleaning services for business owners in Alabama. It is our duty to serve our commercial pressure washing clients with respect and give them 100% on every job we encounter. With state of the art equipment, trained and certified employees, and the desire to ensure your satisfaction, we back up and GUARANTEE OUR SERVICES FOR YOUR PROPERTY!

Specializing in

Graffitti removal

Storefront surface cleaning

Gum Removal

Roof Cleaning

Kitchenhood cleaning

And many more!


Are you dealing with dingy siding, black-streaked roofs, or clogged gutters? Clear Moment Pressure Washing can take care of these issues to keep your home clean. Our residential services, including roof cleaning and home washing and everything in between we can make your home maintenance easy and affordable. Whether you just want to keep your home looking the best it can, preparing to sell your home, or will be soon hosting a party or family reunion, we can help enhance your property appearance!

Our pressure washing services are safe for cleaning all different types of residential siding including vinyl, aluminum and even cedar. In addition to our mobile pressure washing system, we incorporate biodegradable detergents that help to remove mold, mildew, dirt and debris. Soft bristle brushes are used to scrub surfaces before our signature fresh water rinse.

Cutting edge power washing technology is used on every one of our jobs with service technichians qualified to operate the equiptment. We take great pride to help preserve your property value.